My name is Leah McMenamin Conte and I currently live in New Jersey, USA (by way of New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia and Ethiopia). I am a writer, editor, and, most importantly, a lover of words.

Having never been able to settle in just one area, I have my fingers in many pies (often quite literally – I do love apple and pumpkin pies). I am studying for my Masters in Education, I work for an international education office, I travel widely, and I have been lucky enough to have my poems & short stories published in several literary journals.

I contribute weekly to the Tuesday Poem, a collective of poets who share poems either they or someone who inspires them have written. It’s lots of fun.

Besides pie, I also love reading in the sun, simple dessert recipes, overweight & lazy Labradors, my husband, and knitting.

You can email me here: leah.conte.nz@gmail.com.

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